MobileNig Manual

Welcome to MobileNig, we are glad to have you. Please go through the manual below to understand how this website operates.

Welcome to MobileNig, we are glad to have you. Please go through the manual below to understand on how this website operates.

Getting Started

MobileNig offers the following products: Affordable Internet Data Plans, Bulksms, Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Perfect Money), Bills Payment (GOTV, DSTV, STARTIMES) and AIRTIME VTU.

To purchase any of our products, a client needs to register on the website, after which an e-wallet is immediately created for such client which can be used to purchase any of the products and services been rendered. In summary, to buy any product, three steps are involved namely: Log into your account, fund your wallet and order for the product.

NOTE: A one-time membership fee of #100 will be charged on your first wallet funding. This means, if you fund your wallet with #1,000 for the first time, #100 is charged on it. it is a one time fee

Our Customer Service

There are three means in which you can communicate directly with our customer service namely: Call, Whatsapp and Live Chat. We often prefer Whatsapp and Livechat for communication but if for any reason, reply is delayed on our Live Chat channel, please chat with us on whatsapp. Customer Service is available between the time of 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 pm from Mondays to Saturdays and 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Sundays. Nevertheless, MobileNig products can be ordered for, anytime of the day.

Now, let us briefly explain each of our products and services

1. Internet Data Plans

We offer affordable internet data plans for MTN, 9mobile (Etisalat), Glo and Airtel. The prices are different depending on network. We recommend you choose a network with good service in your area. Glo internet data plans are the cheapest but we her service is not strong in some areas. To order for any data plan, Log into your account, fund your e-wallet and order for the product by filling the Buy Data Form. Delivery is quite fast, you need to try it! Our data plan works on all devices and has a validity of 90 days if MTN, and 30 days if 9mobile, Airtel or Glo.

2. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency simply means an online or digital currency. Just as we have physical or paper currency, cryptocurrency are digital in nature. They can be used to pay for goods and services online. Also, merchants buy and sell crytocurrency to make profit. If you are new to cruptocurrency like bitcoin and perfect money, we recommend you use search engines for details

Our system is fully automated for buying and selling of e-currency. To Buy/Sell, Log into your account, under MENU, click on the cryptocurrency and follow the instructions. To Buy, you need to fund your e-wallet using the same procedure stated above. After which you can order for the cryptocurrency. To sell, click on the cryptocurrency and fill the form. Our system will automatically credit your MobileNig wallet after the currency is received, then you can withdraw the fund into your bank account.

3. BulkSMS

BulkSMS is a customized messaging system which can be used to send customized SMS to single or multiple numbers at a go. To send BulkSMS on MobileNig, log into your MobileNig account, under MENU, click on BulkSMS, input the Sender ID you want the recipients to see, maximum of 11 characters. Input the recipient and Message to be sent and click on Send. Messages are instant delivered to recipients. We currently support only Nigerian recipients. Below are the features of MobileNig BulkSMS service:

4. Bills

Pay your GOTV, DSTV and STARTIMES bills online using MobileNig bills payment. Simply Log into your account, Under MENU, click on Pay bills and fill the form.

5. Airtime VTU

Recharge your Airtime online using your MobileNig e-wallet. MTN, ETISALAT, GLO and Airtel networks are supported. Delivery is instant anytime of the day.

Making Money on MobileNig

MobileNig offers all her products at wholesales prices giving room for members to make money. There are two ways MobileNig members can make money namely:


Nigerians are used to believing every online business is a scam. Your testimony can help us in this case. If you have tried our service, please take a minute to say something about us using the comment section on this website.


Our customers are so precious to us because there is no MobileNig without them. If you have any complaint or suggestion about our customer service or mode of operation, please send a mail to the CEO via

Thanks for choosing MobileNig. God Bless!

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